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Welcome to the Darry Gaines Foundation, where our commitment to transforming the lives of children is unwavering and extends far beyond the ordinary. At the heart of our mission is a dedication to providing continuous support and empowerment that transcends the immediate, We are dedicated to following the progress of students from middle school through post-graduation, ensuring a lasting and positive impact on students' lives.

Our Commitment​

  • Enduring Support: We stand as a beacon of unwavering support throughout every step of a child's educational journey. We are here to provide enduring guidance, ensuring that each student's path is illuminated with steadfast support.

  • Scholarship Opportunities: Every year, we open doors to brighter futures by offering scholarships. These opportunities serve as a beacon of hope, breaking down financial barriers and empowering students to pursue higher education, realizing their academic dreams.

  • Long-term Impact: Our foundation is not merely about momentary change; it's about crafting a trajectory for lifelong success. Through consistent monitoring and guidance, we aspire to instill core values, resilience, and a mindset for continuous learning in every student we support.​

At the Darry Gaines Foundation, our focus is on tangible, measurable change. Together, we are not just transforming lives; we are laying the groundwork for long-term success and shaping futures that will stand the test of time. Join us in building a foundation for success that lasts a lifetime.


Darryl Gaines grew up in and around low-income Projects in Mobile, Alabama.  His parents worked hard and set a great example for him to follow. They eventually moved him and his brothers not far away into a small two-bedroom house. Playing in the neighborhood and visiting relatives in other nearby project communities gave him the spark he needed early on in life to begin learning and working hard, remembering who he was, where he came from and where he wanted to go. This is where his drive, persistence, and determination came from. From those humble beginnings, he developed a strong desire to be the best he could be and to bring others along with him. His mission in life is helping others.

After a visit to his hometown, Darryl noticed that the area he grew up in looked and felt the same. He saw there was still a need for change in the community as he drove through. After speaking with several of the neighborhood children, Darryl felt they had the same urge as he did when he was a child and wanted to do something to help. When he left, he had a deep seeded feeling that it was time to use the knowledge he had gained, the credentials he had earned, and his network of friends and family to step back into the picture to see if he could make things a little brighter for the children.  While there, he met a kid who reminded him of himself. The kid asked where he worked and after explaining that he worked at NASA, the kid surprised him by mentioning that he was studying space in class, and he knew that NASA recently discovered seven new planets. The kid lives in the projects, Darryl thought, but he has the awareness and understanding to know about space and about NASA.  He discovered this was a “calling” to do something to help the children he saw playing and riding bikes on a glass laden parking lot, high-grass curbs, and garbage throughout the community.

Because of that experience, Darryl was moved to create the "Darryl Gaines Foundation” to address some of the many concerns for underserved communities. The Foundation focuses on improving the life of children beginning at the early stage, providing guidance, education, and support.

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